23 December 2009

HolyMoly, Is This For Real? Day 21.

It's as if working with another artist, only one who doesn't talk, complain or make excuses for not finishing her end of the deal. Not all of the choices are entirely mine. I give it the, in this case, drawing and it finds where it wants to make a vector line or where it wants to make a fill of black. It is completely a surprise. And one that I cannot take total credit for. I didn't draw the circle, it was something in the copy of the image that caused that. Now I look at this drawing in a completely different way. Like the skeleton rabbit is alive and eating its way out of the ground.

Falling Deeper, and Deeper into Serious Love with Illustrator. Day 21.

In the painting of this version, I had no idea that what was smack in the middle was this symbol. This symbol that looks much like a Chinese kangi. It almost looks like "gatsu" which is the kangi for month. Further interesting is now the axe is not at all visiable. The cop on the right seems he is wearing a mask and the shadows on the ground seem to make more sense than they do in the original painting. Wicked...

21 December 2009

Illustrator Day 23

Awe, yes, Illustrator, you strange and fantastic program. I have you now for 23 more days. What will happen next?

19 December 2009

Imagination 1, and 2, 1992.

The first image is a very small painting, and was created after a heated argument over wondering lips.
The second was created after I accepted there was nothing I could do about another's actions, so I was trying to make the best of it.
Meanwhile, after a few days...I ran these two through live trace, in Illustrator...
The second one is rather nice, I think I am in love.

15 December 2009


I leave my experiment with this final work. It is a design for a jewelry card. I regret I am unable to send off this Photoshop free download with a complex and labor intensive work, however, stay tuned. More to come...as I just downloaded Illustrator!

11 December 2009

Facebook Quizzes

Facebook is strange to me. But I found something to do when I look around. Quizzes. So far, I have found that Akira Kirasawa would direct the film of my life, I would be Joe Strummer if I were a punk rock male and my street name is "Peanut".

What is even better than taking a quiz, is making a quiz. This is the art from my third creation. It's called "Colbert's Boyfriend: Decide Stephen's Best Match." I gleefully spent all day working on this. The work ends up being really small of FB, so here it is...

Much to my surprise, Rush looks pretty.

Composition Sources:

09 December 2009


This is my new summer project. TOP GUN Yaoi! After spending two days mulling over the internet for a different presentation subject...other than Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I discovered Yaoi. Manga written by women for women about man love. If you could see me now, you would see that I am grinning, as I think it's really "funny". I haven't read any, only looked at pictures and watched a few youtube clips, and it's not as campy as I was hoping, but who knows? Top Gun has always been a BROMANCE. Tom is really fisting it with Val Kilmor in the scene I grabbed this likeness from, but I got too tired and I am still waiting for drawing with a Wacom to get easy.

07 December 2009


I have been looking at pictures from Hiroshima and Nagasaki all day and reading stories, it may have influenced this drawing. A very sad day. A very sad past.

What Was "TEN"?

Since this is a blog about "how art is made", I feel responsible in showing the source of "TEN". I started with this picture I took this summer of my two buddies from Fresno.

I traced their bodies and then layed it over the top of this image of trees I photographed last year during this time of year.

Then I took cut outs of the following shots from the bird room at HSU.


After flattening the all of the layers, I ran them through different filters. Then dumped various colors around the image. I had to stop because I was starting to loose the image. And I was having too much fun :).