23 December 2009

HolyMoly, Is This For Real? Day 21.

It's as if working with another artist, only one who doesn't talk, complain or make excuses for not finishing her end of the deal. Not all of the choices are entirely mine. I give it the, in this case, drawing and it finds where it wants to make a vector line or where it wants to make a fill of black. It is completely a surprise. And one that I cannot take total credit for. I didn't draw the circle, it was something in the copy of the image that caused that. Now I look at this drawing in a completely different way. Like the skeleton rabbit is alive and eating its way out of the ground.

1 comment:

  1. Whenever I see a rabbit drawn in a realistic style, it always reminds me of the famous drawing by Durer. Even in skeleton form!

    The pose is interesting, as is the spotlight. It calls to mind a sort of foetal situation in the womb. I do think there is an association of the rabbit with a baby, since everyone first crawls... A futher aspect is the kind of pose of supplication - a child's call for love? Everything is in the eyes, which don't make up a hollowness, but seem to glance with energy and life...

    A theme is loneliness and isolation. The womb seems to be connected to another one at the far right. Maybe we are all trapped in our own little worlds? However, I think it is an optimistic vision. The womb seems to be disintegrating around itself and 'flowering'. With the baby association - we all do grow up...

    There is, I also think, a further association with evolution. There is a fossil quality about the drawing and another thing one might suggest is that it is caught in amber. The skeleton also has a further association in art history - a memento mori. I think there is a compromise between life and death that is going on here - a sort of ressurection.