27 December 2009



  1. Initial thought is that it reminds me of a Rorschach test. I think the consciousness keeps on changing around these images.

    I started off thinking they were fish. Then I started seeing a face inside the blue body, and the whole thing took on a suggestion of a figure looking downwards (with a devil figure behind, conjuring a magical spell). Then I started seeing floating planets... (plus, inside the two bodies - there's more and more figures cut out, as it were, like one of those paper chain patterns...)

    (and all the time, I'm wondering why 'Mary's' - are they two icons that belong to the Virgin Mother? Is this a place - we're at Mary's?)

    I think there is a theme of reproduction going on here, since the two figures/objects are both identical. But which one is the original?

    I think the colour scheme is ash and blue flame.

    The diagonal is perhaps significant. It means 'from angle to angle' in the ancient greek. It's probably a sort of meta-comment on the way we perceive and saying that there's nothing outside of sight (or we can't get out of looking, no matter how much we try).

    Interestingly, the shadow figure decapitates and makes the head introspective - is this a comment on over-intellectualisation of looking?

  2. Suneel, you are such a writer! And a writer of fiction :). It is a sketch of Mary Mangalane from Leonardo Da Vinci. I ran it through Illustrator and the nifty tools that provide "gradiance". It's really a select and click device, really simple and strange in the end. Over-intellectualizing always welcome!