16 February 2010

Freedom By Force: The Great American Paradox. Black and White 35mm Photo. 2009.


Okay, I admit to getting carried away with that title. I love this photo for four reasons. The flag is/was erected on a building by a newspaper that just 'did me wrong' and others as well and is now no longer circulating. Next, the pampas grass which is an invasive plant and is not indigenous to this biome. Finally, the barbed wire and the looming stormy sky.

1 comment:

  1. It's a really good title for the piece I thought.

    Freedom by Force. I like the alliteration and the paradoxical nature of it.

    The flag trapped in the barbed wire is a kind of reflection on the coercion implied in the words. I think the force is also reflected in the great surging energy of those trees. The flag is beset on all sides by dark looming shapes and oppression, yet still stands valiantly, all by itself.

    I think it is quite a patriotic image - but realistic patriotism. And by no means pessimistic.

    The fact that the newspaper is involved somewhere in the story tells me that this is a photograph about freedom of expression...