05 February 2010


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  1. This is classical Kelly.

    The beautiful triangle in the middle formed by the birds (‘the triangulation point’).

    The telephone wires and the tree branches.

    The blue sky and the diagonals.

    At the base of the image, with the tree in the middle, there is a floating cloud to the left and to the right, a roof. Why the cloud? Why the roof?

    The gaze is upon a height in which reality melts into the abstract, in which the domestic order of the house is fading away? I think the answer lies in the way the composition builds the trees. Let us read from left to right.

    The cloud. Invisibility. The insubstantial. The trees begin to grow ever larger from this point. Towards the end of the beautiful triangulation point of the birds, one grows tallest. All the wires and networks manage to become grafted within it. An organic and cybernetic synthesis. New growth – Spring. And thus, above the roof, above the private, a new public order – the internet world.