19 September 2009

Illustrating Iggy Pop, Butt Town. 9" x 12", crayon and ink on bond paper, 1991.

For too many years I stuffed this drawing in a box. It conveys a feeling that I had about cities via a song by Iggy Pop called "Butt Town". After a long visit in the bay area recently, I came to these thoughts again. The thoughts seemed fresh and original, obvious and frustrating. When I shared said thoughts to a friend, she was amused and claims to be "unable to think of cities in any other way." It's pretty simple actually. Cities are for men. I could launch into all of these reasons, however, it seems really obvious. The lyrics to the song "Butt Town" specifically reference the importance of place and how place can have a profound affect on one's life experience.
As I spend my day ruffling through old art works and writings, I am comforted in that, my ideas have not changed. My ideas and art is really the same old same old, the difference is that I now have the courage to share it and to talk about it. This is something I cherish about growing up.

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