24 November 2009

Day 22 of a Free Photoshop Download.

Drawing in Photoshop is my new obsession. Before my graphic design instructor died of the H1N1, he encouraged myself and other students to learn to draw with the Wacom pad and pen. It is a strange way to draw, but he claimed after about 30 hours, it wouldn't be so bad.

He was sort of right. The eyes are staring at the screen and the hand is on an electronic pad. I suppose there are many areas in my life where I don't 'watch' myself completing a task, but it's certainly not a normal or comfortable feeling.

The tricks that Photoshop offers are endless. I am making myself post something every day until my 30-day trial period is done, then I will download Illustrator. And if ambition proves to be on my side, perhaps InDesign as well.

If anything, this is a humbling experience, similiar to when I took a drawing course with my right hand. At the very least, I am saving on paper? Hummmm, not sure if I buy into that arguement, as it is, if I am lucky, this computer will hold out another year and then where will it go?

BTW in the real news on saving the planet...anyone out there happen upon...The Air Vent?

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  1. You might really love Corel Painter too. It's a paint program that really tries to mimic 'actual' painting. They have a free trial http://www.corel.com/servlet/Satellite/us/en/Product/1166553885783