12 January 2010

Waiting for the Cherry Blooms

Today is the last day for the Illustrator free trial, and I am pretty glad about that due to the fact that it's a v. difficult program. So, I went over to the Corel website and I have downloaded Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. I am planning to go back to the old way of making art for the next month and will take photos with this program instead. Point and shoot is so much easier, and my brain needs a break from the computer screen, at least the drawing aspect of the computer. I am intending to post with the Corel trial...

1 comment:

  1. (I'd like a translation of the above comment for sure into English!)

    This photograph is very beautiful. The quality is excellent, as well as the lighting.

    At the base of the tree, it is like a hand cupping open with five fingers…

    The painting is divided into a grid with artificial horizontal bars running alongside the natural or organic bars of the tree – something that synthesises into a whole despite a seeming contradiction (geometry and life).

    The birds – a couple – are waiting for ‘new life to flower’, as we get from the title.

    Cherry blossoms always remind me of Japan, incidentally, and all the haiku about them, the last line from The Last Samurai who had sought the perfect blossom all his life (‘they are all beautiful…’)…