05 March 2010

Sketch from piles of paper, origin unknown. Probably late 90's. Pen and ink.

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  1. I've been looking at this one for a little while. I've got to say that it's quite a mysterious image for me. If I were to guess I'd say it was classically influenced and Dionysian...

    I can see a few things happening. The whole body seems to be contorting in a sort of spin in the air, I would imagine. This matches with the spirals on the arm and the square spirals on the skirt.

    The explosive quality of the dance move is captured in the tails, which look like the dancer is rocketing through the air...

    There's a few distortions in the body which are quite striking. The curved foot first of all. This foot may also be curled, so mirrors the spirals, perhaps. The portal into the leg with the chessboard - very 3D. It matches the bit that seems carved out of the foot - an exploration of space and being through images?

    Whatever the meaning, interesting exploration of different types of hatching and tonal effects, contrasts of white and black to create space and movement.