24 July 2010

True Confessions

To drag my point even further into the ground, I conducted a little experiment. The figures in the top sketch are outlined from two photographs. The outlines were pretty basic and I filled in the rest with my imagination. However, what I find very interesting is that all of the markings on the drawing are edits from a tutor. The corrections are purely from his imagination. My point is, when a figure is reference in action from a photo, it will seldom look "correct". This is my main beef with this type of work. Perhaps it's like the Greeks who on purpose, made the lines of the columns not straight in order to look straight. People really don't look 'right' in photos, especially action photos.

Getting it Out of My Mind

Yes, the art of the thumb nail. Drawing numerous pieces of paper, for several hours, knowing that only one, if one will be the idea to evolve into 'the idea'. Perspective doesn't work, in my opinion. Printing out a photograph and applying the rules of perspective on top of that photo will tell you this right away. Yet, schools continue to teach the rules of perspective, because, they 'look' like they work. All resistance aside, just for a moment, I am becoming fond of wasting my time like this. I am perfectly engaged in the use of my tools. The pencils are diminishing, the pad of 100% cotton papers cycling through my hands and right into the recycling paper bin...it's like Zen really. Or wait, is that the opposite of Zen? The creation of nothingness, is that even possible?