17 September 2011

Digital Painting practice, today. Zhang Ziyi.

     I've been a bit rusty on the Photoshop painting skills. But I only realize this now....The above "painting" was turned in for a course assignment and the instructor called it out as a paint over. She said it was not acceptable to paint over photo's for this course. Fair enough, but I honestly didn't think what I had done here was a paint over.
     I started with a blank canvas, but also loaded the picture, fading it's opacity under a layer to get a decent outline. Then I worked from there, without the picture underneath. Little did I know, the 'locked' original was still turned on. So when I went to smear and blend my layers and finally erase pigment, I was actually revealing the original.
     I thought it was perfect, and it was because it was the original! Luckily, one of the perks of online school is feeling my full embarrassment in the comfort of my own home. Oh well, for at least one hour last week, I thought I had mastered painting in Photoshop.

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