11 December 2009

Facebook Quizzes

Facebook is strange to me. But I found something to do when I look around. Quizzes. So far, I have found that Akira Kirasawa would direct the film of my life, I would be Joe Strummer if I were a punk rock male and my street name is "Peanut".

What is even better than taking a quiz, is making a quiz. This is the art from my third creation. It's called "Colbert's Boyfriend: Decide Stephen's Best Match." I gleefully spent all day working on this. The work ends up being really small of FB, so here it is...

Much to my surprise, Rush looks pretty.

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1 comment:

  1. It reminds me a lot of 'Through a Scanner Darkly' with Keanu Reeves. The handcuffs and the dancing theme is pretty interesting in relation to the two other images this is sandwiched between (interestingly - just a personal response - the purple figure with a question mark for a face reminds me a lot of michael jackson).