23 December 2009

Falling Deeper, and Deeper into Serious Love with Illustrator. Day 21.

In the painting of this version, I had no idea that what was smack in the middle was this symbol. This symbol that looks much like a Chinese kangi. It almost looks like "gatsu" which is the kangi for month. Further interesting is now the axe is not at all visiable. The cop on the right seems he is wearing a mask and the shadows on the ground seem to make more sense than they do in the original painting. Wicked...


  1. Another thing that the symbol in the middle looks like to me is a house (with a sort of cross in the middle...) I think there is an interesting contrast of the fluid character of this house symbol against the building that makes up the background. For example, in the building in the background, we can't look into any of the windows. But with the central house symbol, everything is beautifully lit up and 'transparent'.

    The cross motif of the house symbol is reinforced by the symbol being in the middle of a three figure composition all joined up by a bar (the trinity - it's almost like a criminality/law opposition with the cross in the middle as the perfect and harmonious middle, or reconciliation of personality).

    I think there is a sort of an investigation of codes that make up our environment going on - no accident that the law is present in the form of the police - since the law is one of the main things in our environment that make up the way we are.

    An interesting thing about the policeman in the shifty quality and the way he seems to be indulging in an obscene onanistic act.