20 December 2009

Giant Me, paint and pencil on brown craft paper, 3 x 7 feet or .9144 x 2.136 meters. 2008.


  1. First impressions on meeting this lovely lady (they always say these are the most important - not sure if it's true in the art world) is that the style reminds me a lot of both Kandinsky and Klimt (although mostly the latter). I don't know if this is because of the gold and the intricate patterning. In particular, the painting reminds me of Klimt’s ‘Adele’ and ‘Lady with Fan’ (because of the flowers and birds association).

    The hand is interesting. It stands as a sort of signature and, quite ambiguously, as a ‘hello’ or a ‘good-bye’.

    There are two birds in the image, mirroring/inverting each other. One looks the model in the face, the other looks at us with one eye… The bird in white pencil on the top right and the blue bird on the front of the dress…

    The texture in the cap stands out as a technique from the rest of the composition. I wonder why this is?

    It is interesting that there is no body to be seen… Quite Renaissance in that kind of effect (also with the feathers in the cap).

    The flying flowers remind me of bees (the birds and the bees…)

  2. Just to add - to be very honest, I like the black and white version better (you knew I would say this, it was a test, right?!)