21 December 2009

Illustrator Day 23

Awe, yes, Illustrator, you strange and fantastic program. I have you now for 23 more days. What will happen next?


  1. If I may say so, a very Japanese image. I don't know if it's the kind of fluidity about the shape, or the sort of abstraction and 'pen and ink' quality, but it irresistably calls to mind that form.

    There is even a sort of pun of the woodlands and mountains that that sort of genre relies on for the contrasts...

    There is a sort of theme of onanism, I think (I know I keep on saying this - but look again at the hand...) but definitely a theme of anonymity...

  2. This was purely the work of Illustrator, apart from my uploading the image. His face is present in the original, but the "artist" in Illustrator, decided to not include it. I strangely, want to just say that it's not my fault. Not that I am ashamed of this work, it's just that Illustrator really changes my images all on it's own.