27 December 2009

Reading is fun


  1. First thoughts, as always. Reminds me of the various paintings of readers that the Impressionists did (specifically that of Renoir).

    Very computeristic and experimental - interestingly, the fragment on the book reads 'e-art'...

    The hair is very interesting at the back - like a jigsaw puzzle (like the book image too - I think perhaps an allusion to the construction of the image, perhaps?)

    The 'R' on the book is not coloured in. This is perhaps an allusion to the invisible quality of letters towards which everything is progressing (we can't see the letter when we read - it's 'invisible'). I can't help thinking it shows a hope to make the technique as invisible (the invisible r is the final progression of the code/hope to which every element is going).

    (compare the shading on the face to the shading of the letters on the book, which invites a comparison, or emphasises the textiness...)

    In fact, the figure is clothed in 'invisibility' too...

  2. I stopped coloring the WAR part of the book because it struck me that it could be read as "R" war.