06 December 2009


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  1. Three figures, one kneels as though she’s praying or shy or depressed – or reading? Perhaps she is holding a book. We move into a starker contrast from left to right, in the reading direction. A witch’s familiar sits on the far right of the picture – a raven looking into her featureless face. She looks as though she holds a blade, ready to disembowel it.

    Behind, what is there? Leaf veins? Tree branches? A world of wires and the inhuman world of electronic connection? On the witch’s lap sits an empty black glove, a symbol of absence, of powerlessness. It grasps at something that is not there…

    What do people sit on? A floating leaf? Is there any division between sky and earth? Everyone looks at nothing – noone can be seen to look. The man’s eye has been hollowed out and replaced with nothing but sky….

    Is it rain everywhere, or does the whole world cut us?