24 February 2010

Stuffed, Digital Photos, 2008.


This is discustiing. When I took them, I thought it might be interesting. I usually photo what I like, not what I don't.

My nose was curled, and my breath held, it's a whole floor of stuffed birds, so it's bound to be pretty discusting.

My first semester back to HSU, I had a class in this building. It's three stories and has various stuffed animals (not the cute kind) through out. My professor was totally annoyed having to walk through the halls to get to the classroom as were many students. Some felt it was some sick irony that Federal Indian Law would be housed in the Wildlife Building. Luckily it was only one course. Yet that was enough for me to attempt this series of photos and convey my contempt.

16 February 2010

Freedom By Force: The Great American Paradox. Black and White 35mm Photo. 2009.


Okay, I admit to getting carried away with that title. I love this photo for four reasons. The flag is/was erected on a building by a newspaper that just 'did me wrong' and others as well and is now no longer circulating. Next, the pampas grass which is an invasive plant and is not indigenous to this biome. Finally, the barbed wire and the looming stormy sky.

15 February 2010

What Beardsley Saw, small pen and ink sketch, 1998.

Once upon a time, while walking on Cambridge street in London...I happened to stumble on the house where Aubrey Beardsley lived. This page shows the address and this church, St. Gabriel's which is across the street and the first thing Aubrey saw everyday he looked out his window or stepped out for some fresh, um, London air. I sat on his steps until 'me bum hurt' and then skipped off. I love Beardsley.

14 February 2010

Looking for a Paradox, Illustrator file 2010.

The latest assignment for graphic design is a tea box and tea bag. Here is my sketch that was deemed "too offensive" to work on. The instructor suggested something that "you would see on the shelf at Wildberries". This suggestion deflated my enthusiam in trying to achieve a visual paradox. Also, I am now roaming around in the land of uncertainty, questioning the very source of inspiration for this idea. Which can be boiled down to man love and Republican tea struggles. The idea has not been totally abandoned. I have reduced the hot topic to "Men's Tea" and I am now looking for "handsome" packaging ideas. However, the tea maker will most certainly be, T. Bauger, Inc.

02 February 2010

Queen of Hearts, Illustrator File. 2010.

Design for the queen of hearts was created with a special heart paint brush. The female figure is based off of a greek sculpture of Aphrodite.