07 February 2010

Blue and Pink Forever

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  1. An upwards shot. The roof is cut out from the frame, so that the organic is placed upon high, not the man-made. A theme of four. Four cherry trees (or four branches of the tree). The man-made border in the middle cutting the photograph in half – very postmodern mingling of codes. Four windows on the ground level. The colours are referred to in the title. But why the ‘forever’? The blossoms will fade and scatter.

    I think it refers to the capture of the image. This is a meta-photographical piece of work. The windows symbolise the photograph. The blossoms will have immortality in the photograph.

    Interestingly, the organic growth of the trees takes place against the geometrical shape of the background (a grid) – a common theme of your work (as with the upwards gaze).

    I particularly like the way the photographic frame interacts with the other frames in the image – very clever.