13 February 2010

Butterfly Tale, 1995. Acrylic on Canvas. 12" x 17".

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  1. Very absorbing paint effects in this one, with the blurring and the stripes and so on. I particularly liked the horizontally placed chair with the rooted hand coming out of it.

    I think there is a lot of playing around with the X and Y axes here, evidenced by that same chair. The stripes go vertically and horizontally, the finger of the lady is a horizontal, her face is divided in two (this line of symmetry is accentuated by the corresponding line underneath...)

    What is the butterfly tale here? The finger directed at the temple of the woman looks somewhat suicidal. Or is she threatening someone with death? A butterfly comes from a caterpillar. Is the adorning of the woman a statement about the evolution of beauty? A reference to a cocoon somewhere in the past?

    I feel like there is a deliberate contrast between the butterfly and the woman. The butterfly is very ostentatious - the woman seems as though she is camouflaged. The shadow emphasises this...

    Very violent again for some reason - what with the finger-gun... (a reference to painting - the violence of putting the mark on the paper?)