12 February 2010

A Most Beautiful Day, 2010. Digital Photo.

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  1. Everything in this photograph points upwards, to top left. The faint mist of the cloud at the top. The mist matches the out of focus flower at the bottom, alongside the slightly out of focus branch. Funnily enough, the flower looks like an orchid – I may be totally wrong on this one. Always one of my more favourite flowers.

    The tree to the left has stumps for some reason… There is a touch of violence suggested somewhere in the past. Maybe an allusion to the manmade – this tree is contrasted to the more organic growth of the trees to the right, their fullness. The tree on the left is very stark.

    The flower is somewhat of a compass in the image, like a needle. One full flower and then two buds – a mirroring of the tree situation in reverse (two full trees and one stark tree)…

    Classical Kelly in that the mirror diagonal goes through from the corner bottom left to the top right – the direction of the image…