26 February 2010

One Foot In the Grave, Pen and Ink, 1998.

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  1. This is a creative and contemplative reinterpretation of the Crucifixtion scene. The cross is achieved through the 'halo' at the top and the arms outstretched along with th the branches.

    It is clever the way that you make the rain contrast against the bottom panel of the image, with the diagonals going in an opposing force. This makes the rainfall even more dramatic.

    The black frame is the 'grave' I take it, although this is metaphorical. We could be in the forest or the jungle with the trees blocking out all light (except for the ray of light above the head of the figure).

    The most striking part of this image is the face behind the foot in the grave, which stares out at us darkly, with open mouth - yawning like the grave.

    A very spiritual and dramatic drawing which confronts mortality and fear.