10 February 2010

Plotting to Get Out of the Frame, 1995. 9" x 11", Acrylic on Canvas.

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  1. A pun here. Plotting means writing. Unconsciously, a book drifts into the image – just above the knee, outstretched in a hand… Plotting also suggests an idea of thinking, of spying? Subterfuge?

    The title suggests an image of strain. And this is what we read into the main image. The foot seems pressed against the left – quite like classical Greek sculpture in that all the emphasis is on a movement that is just about to take place. The image itself reminds me of the foetal position – there is a sort of theme of birth going on I would say. Perhaps the birth of creativity? The birth is taking against an existing pressure – tradition? A mother? Anyway, it reflects an existential angst.

    The strange whirls give the impression of vapours or smoke – the intangible.

    The entity has no eye, if one looks carefully. Or is asleep/thinking…

    Very effective use of the three colours schema. Blue, of course, seems to suggest sadness, especially loneliness – which seems to be one of the overall themes here.