02 February 2010

Queen of Hearts, Illustrator File. 2010.

Design for the queen of hearts was created with a special heart paint brush. The female figure is based off of a greek sculpture of Aphrodite.

1 comment:

  1. I love the way she has hearts for eyes! That's very clever (love is blind). They sort of look like shades. Also how you used a heart paintbrush.

    Quite an original take on the playing card format. There's no geometry involved or frames. Just the subject. The colour schema is also simplified and reminds me of the red and black of Greek pottery (the mention of Aphrodite of course gets my mind going along these lines).

    I also find it interesting that you position the queen to the left hand side (or her right) each time - traditionally it's the other way.

    The font and the hair is also quite striking - normally it would be simply a 'q', an initial, and her hair would be hidden... I wonder what this joined up writing signifies? Sophistication? Free-flowing (Aphrodite comes from the foam?) It's an interesting puzzle to consider.